“When I first began seeing Merry I thought that my nutrition was pretty good but something was missing. Even though I was seemingly healthy I wasn’t getting pregnant. I thought that pregnancy would come pretty easily given my age and that I had no apparent conditions that would prevent it . . . but after months of trying I was frustrated. It didn’t make sense! Her guidance as to what supplements to take to kickstart my health and prepare my body for pregnancy really worked. After seeing Merry for awhile and following her advice I did indeed become pregnant – I couldn’t be happier!”

Ariel S.

“I came to Merry with a long list of health issues. My hopes were for some relief, but I got more than relief! In 6 months time I have absolutely more good days than bad. I no longer take any prescription drugs. I still see my MD’s, and they are pleased with my progress!!! Thank you Merry – without you I know I would not feel as good as I do. The best Christmas present a woman going through Menopause would be to come see you!!! God Bless.”

Christy, Boalsburg, PA

“When my intense hot flashes began, I knew my hormones were way out of balance. I just happened to pick up a copy of The Women’s Journal and saw Merry’s Optimal Wellness article describing her Nutritional Program. On the first visit, we determined I had Yeast Overgrowth, Estrogen Dominance, Thyroid, and Adrenal Fatigue. On Merry’s 6 week protocol for a yeast free diet and supplements I lost 2 1/4″ from my stomach; 1″ from my upper arms; 2 1/4 from my hips but only 6 lbs. I immediately felt so much better and saw my nails, hair, and complexion improve dramatically. All my knee/finger joint pain was gone in 6 days. I continued with the 3-week Liver Detox/Purification and continued to lose 1/2″ to 1 1/2 ” all over my body and 5 more pounds. My hot flashes diminished in intensity by half in the first two weeks and were gone by 6 weeks. My energy level has increased immensely. I am healing/nourishing my adrenal glands and my body is becoming healthy. I feel wonderful!!!!!”

Tracy R., Aaronsburg, PA

“I have been using the Neways personal care skin products for only one month and notice a visible difference in my skin. My overall tone and complexion has improved dramatically. I love the fact that there are no fragrances. My skin is very sensitive and these products feel wonderful on my face and body!”

Bonnie B.

“When Lauren was between her 2nd and 3rd grade year, she had her tonsils out. Needless to say my husband and I thought her health problems were over. No more sore throats. When she hit third grade the sinus infections started. From September through April or May, it was one right after another, year after year. More and more antibiotics, stronger and stronger. My chiropractor had told me about Merry, but I hadn’t thought much about it. In her 7th grade year she had missed around 15 days of school by the end of November. We were at the end of our rope. She had been to an allergist, an ear, nose, and throat doctor, who then sent her to a pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor. Nothing. I said something to the physicians assistant we see about seeing Merry, and she said to go for it. To make a long story short, Lauren started with another sinus infection. She was tired of being sick, and we needed to try something different. To get to the bottom of the PROBLEM. The antibiotics were treating the infections, but they were now so strong, they were hard on her stomach. She was miserable. We went to see Merry who put her on several supplements, and made some dietary recommendations. All the antibiotics had destroyed her immune system, and with Merry’s help, Lauren got over that sinus infection, and has not needed antibiotics for over a year now. She has had several colds, but has gotten over each one! My husband and I firmly believe that Merry is the reason Lauren’s life has finally returned to normal, and the many trips to the doctor and pharmacy have stopped. We are so happy we found Merry!”


“I came to Merry after having miscarried my first pregnancy. I was devastated and desperate for some answers, and felt like my medical team wasn’t interested in exploring answers or helping me achieve a healthy pregnancy that I could carry to term. After coming to Merry, I realized that I had not been taking care of my body as I should have been. Merry not only helped me get the right nutrients back into my body through supplementation, but she helped me understand how to prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy through good nutrition and lifestyle changes. Within just a few weeks, I began to feel a real change in my body. I became pregnant again 3 months after my miscarriage and followed Merry’s advice throughout the pregnancy. I’m so thrilled that we were not only able to carry full term, but we gave birth to a happy and very healthy little girl. We also were able to achieve an intervention free birth, and I am sure that Merry’s advice throughout my pregnancy was instrumental.”


“When I came to Merry, I had health issues I knew I didn’t need to have at my age. I ate an unhealthy diet for decades and drank a lot of coffee. I was constantly exhausted, caught colds at the drop of a hat, suffered from daily allergies that medicine couldn’t full cover, and worst of all, I couldn’t digest anything I ate and i suffered from crippling heartburn that ran 24 hours a day. My health was very poor. Merry reviewed my daily food intake, provided a questionnaire and my journey began. She provided nutritional counseling and ways for me to learn about nutrition on my own. Due to my intake form and health concerns and what goals I wanted to attain, she offered a supplement plan. With a combined effort of her knowledge and wisdom and my part of making the necessary changes in my life, over the months I detoxed and saw brilliant changes in my health. All the problems I had disappeared. I am a new person and enjoy a robust, healthy life. Now I don’t want to go back to my old eating habits. I will remain with Merry. This was the best thing I could have done for myself. It’s as simple as that.”