Initial consult with a new client takes one hour. The fee is $185.00 which includes the second visit which is called  “Report of Findings and Recommendations.”

The hourly rate is $90, 30 – minutes $45 , 15 – minutes $30, 10 – minutes $20. The fees are the same while doing phone consults.

Available Laboratory testing if indicated includes:

Analytical research Labs-Hair mineral analysis, to evaluate mineral status, toxic heavy metal burden, digestive health, adrenal health, thyroid health and more for $65.

Diagnos Tech Lab Saliva testing to evaluate Adrenal Function, PeriMenopausal hormone balance, cycling women pattern of hormone balance, men’s hormone balance, and post menopausal hormone balance. Prices vary depending on test.

Elisa Act Biotechnologies Blood test for foods, chemical, and environmental intolerances.

This is the ONLY lab that offers a complete measuring of all 3 delayed hypersensitivity pathways from the same blood sample at the same time. Basic Panel measuring 144 items is $265. I do not mark up the price of this test. More comprehensive testing is available.

IonCleanse Foot bath for detoxification $35.00 per 30 minutes;  $300 for a series of 10 (savings of $50). Fee  must be pre-paid.

Nutritional Response Testing

Learn more about Nutritional Response Testing from Dr. Freddie Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. by going to