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The Optimal Wellness Center, located in Centre Hall, PA, is dedicated to help our clients achieve improved health and wellness through the various procedures and protocols we offer. These procedures assess your current level of wellness and then recommends only those pure organic whole-food supplements that assists the body in achieving greater levels of health and wellness. This is accomplished through nutritional therapy. Our basic premise and philosophy is that if you give the human body the proper nutrition, it can repair and rebuild itself. 

Suppressing Symptoms is not True Health.  Most modern western medicine approaches to health problems today focus mainly on suppressing symptoms and consider that improvement in health. The symptom related to the patient's complaint may no longer be present, but the problem may still exist. The effect may be diminished or disappear, but the cause may still persist. The assessment procedures used at the Optimal Wellness Center discover the root cause of the symptoms present. Nutritional Therapy helps the body repair and rebuild itself to help reduce or eliminate the root cause of the problem.

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Certified GAPS Practitioner
Beginning Group GAPS Classes Starting Saturday, January 10th 10AM-12noon
A 12 module course
on the GAPS protocol
Call or e-mail matukonis@netscape.com for further information.